February 13, 6 - 9pm - Valentine's Eve - another Celebration of LOVE

Join us as we celebrate passion, weaving together community and making art together!  There is no charge for this event, and all are welcome!  We hope you might consider joining us and creating another warm and connecting time together!

We will provide some delectable savory fingerfoods from our destination restaurants - and we invite you to bring a dessert that you love… something you'd like to share with everyone!  We also invite you to bring some favourite poetry on the subject of LOVE for sharing during open mic interludes throughout the evening.  

Susan Kristoferson will be providing an opportunity to create your own cards with handmade origami folded hearts!   

Also, we'll be showing a fabulous movie about passion  "Pina: dance, dance, otherwise we are lost."   It's a delightful, whimsical ode and tribute to the fabulous choreographer, 
Pina Bausch - who "elevated dance into brilliantly subversive new expressive realms... in this exhilarating film Wenders captures the raw, heart-stopping intensity of the movement."  It's the kind of movie you can dip in and out of throughout the evening. Here's a trailer.

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