Linocut Printmaking with Lino Lenny

Sunday August 16th, 10am – 6 pm.

$150 per person, all supplies included  
Maximum 8 people

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In this one-day workshop participants will be introduced to fundamental techniques used in the creation of linocut prints.

Participants will begin by understanding how a drawing translates into a lino print design. They will gain an understanding of fundamental processes in preparing for a successful print. These processes will include:

  • Tools and materials
  • Planning out a design (image reversal, negative vs. positive space, value, line, texture, etc.)
  • Creating a drawing suitable for print – what makes a good lino image
  • Transferring a drawing onto a linoleum block

The next stage will involve learning the subtractive process of carving, then inking and working with proofs from the linocut block. These will include:

  • Identifying and understanding the various ways in which carving blades create pattern, texture and light with your block
  • How to use a book press for lino printing and other impression-making alternatives
  • Applying ink and producing a proof 
  • Identifying and correcting design elements from proofs

Once satisfied with the results of the proofs, students will create their own edition of prints on quality paper with more tips along the way.

A critique of lessons learned will follow and students will be given the opportunity to share their ideas and ask questions.

You can check out more of Lenny's work at his website,

"Lino printing has been a growing passion of mine since it was introduced during college years in the late 1980s. Practicing the reduction technique to create multiple-coloured prints from a single block of lino continues to create challenges and pleasant surprises in equal measure every time. I never cease to learn what's possible in lino. Subject, paper, tools and inks all combine to make lino printing an intriguing subject time after time.

I enjoy investigating personal interests such as landscapes and nature, folk tales, North American First Nations inspired pieces, animals, fish and birds, and much more. My approach has been about pushing the established and accepted norms of this medium and creating something that's both surprising and delightful – for a lino print.

This dedicated passion for lino printing over the years has allowed me to gain pockets of expertise and well-crafted techniques that I enjoy sharing with others, seasoned printmakers and beginners alike.

Many of my prints have found their way to happy homes and collectors across Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and Australia."  – Lenny Lane aka "Lino Lenny"

Sunday August 16th, 10am – 6 pm

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