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Meet Siri McCormick

If you look around you and identify just how many items in your immediate proximity involve some sort of fibre art, you will notice that there are many.

We might not actively notice it all of the time, because fibres are so interwoven with our daily experience.   It is in the clothes we wear, it is in the way we dress our homes.  

It is within this feeling of familiarity that Siri McCormick, fibre artist, is drawn to her craft.

“Fibre is one of those things that I think everybody has a feeling about it whether they realize it or not,” said Siri.

“Everybody connects with it in different ways. We appreciate it for the colour it is, the texture it is, how it feels to us, and what kind of memories it conjures up for us.

“So, that's why I find it always kind of fun to work with these things, see what kind of combination of things you can put together.”

From tea towels to scarves, Siri plays with the versatility of fibre arts in abundance.  Her work with botanicals lends some of her work to a wearable and graceful appeal, while her silk screen prints on tea towels and the like are often cute with a streak of humour.  

“Often, techniques and different methods give different feelings and evoke different responses in people.

“So it's fun to be able to combine different techniques that maybe you don't normally see together”

“A lot of times when I do work, it involves multiple techniques, multiple textures, multiple fibres, just different combinations of things to see if we can't get sort of a different kind of look for stuff, or different kind of response to things.

“You get inspired often from everything around you but then also things that maybe you've seen before or thought about - or something from your past - and you think, "Gosh, you know, I remember something from years ago. I wonder how that would fit with this?"

“Luckily, I'm able to have the time and the space to be able to work with that and try to combine things and see how it might flesh out.

“Of course, oftentimes, it doesn't necessarily work, but it's nice to be able to have the opportunity, give it a try, and see what you end up with in the end.”

If you are a fan of great puns, or are looking for the perfect handmade gift, she truly produces something suitable for everyone.  

Her versatility is remarkable, and sometimes it is difficult to tell that her pieces come from one artist.

Although she has a distinct style in each of her reaches, she is never afraid to venture outside of the box and embark upon whatever journey inspires her on a given day.  


By appealing to a broader audience, Siri fulfills her need to utilize her multiple techniques and maintain a diverse body of skillsets.

“The beauty of working with textiles is that you're never really done. You can always add to it or you can subtract from it.”

November 14, 2017

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