Meet Cindy Delpart

Meet Cindy Delpart

November 23, 2017

Expressionistic is a formal descriptor that Cindy Delpart uses to describe her work, but for those who have experienced her paintings, connective might speak a little more to the emotions she makes available.

Cindy produces the kind of art that reveals itself the longer you look at it.  Beautiful at first glance, but much deeper if you are willing to take the time.  

In that essence, it is a brilliant commentary on the world of abstract and a flare that is very unique to Cindy alone.  

“I am a painter. I am a painter of landscape and figurative and abstract,” said Cindy.

“Some might say dark. I don't look at them as dark, as in the true sense of the word.

“Literally, they do often look quite dark but I use very earthy colours and I do love black. I start most of my paintings with a black mark.

“Sometimes there is a horizon line in my landscapes. Probably more now than there used to be. And sometimes you will find a blue sky, but usually not.  

“I've just always loved making those marks, and maybe that then lends to why I love the prairies so much.

Many of her pieces depict a vision of grassland and prairie landscapes, especially with  careful observation.  It is remarkable that in her process she recalls the inspiration for her creations from within her mind, rather than a physical reference.

“I never paint from photographs. I don't really ever even paint from sketches that I might do.

“I like to plein air paint but rarely have I ever come back to my studio and said, ‘oh I really like how that turned out, maybe I will do a larger canvas.’

“So all of my paintings are from my memory of time and place.  

“Often times I will start a painting by just simply saying; ‘I am just going to put a black mark on here and see where it goes.’ So I truly paint in the moment, at times.

“If I have been working on landscapes, I then like to switch it out and go completely abstract.

“And then of course your marks, just one mark kind of dictates where the next one is going to go. There's no plan.”

Her completely abstract paintings draw an even deeper connection for many, one that is not intentionally placed there by Cindy, but is rather left open for the interpretation of the observer.

“Personally, when I approach an abstract, there isn't typically the emotional connection. Certainly not the emotional connection that I feel to the landscape.  

“An abstract to me becomes more of a discipline maybe. Because you really are thinking more about design and colour.

“I can't say as they should be void of expression, But it doesn't evoke in me the same feeling that my other work does, whether it be anything representational.

“I think the focus is stronger when you don't know where it's going to go.”



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