Shadow Jar

Katy Drijber


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8.5"H x 8"W x 8"D

Wheel-thrown porcelain, hand-carved, slip and glaze trailing, cone 10, hand-painted china paint, gold lustre (cone 018).


With this piece I was thinking about humans and the environment, specifically humans and deer.  Deer are one of the animals that humans in north America interact with most frequently and our relationship with them is complicated.  We curse them on the highway and in our gardens; we eat them but also love to see their adorable fawns and their beauty as they bound over a hill.  This piece is a kind of urn and memorial for all the dead fawns I saw this spring.  For a long while I had seen no living fawns, only dead ones mangled on the side of the highway.  Now every live one I see feels like good omen.

       - Katy

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