Prairie Earth Palette

Stoneground Paint Co.


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A collection of colour that captures the essence of North America’s rolling prairies, our Prairie Earth Palette blends to create a wide range of colours that are perfect for everything from wildlife to landscapes. Use Lemon Ochre to capture an expansive wheat field, and Raw Umber Green Shade for barn board, fence posts, and fertile soil. Nicosia Green Earth is a soft green wonderful for prairie sage and grasses, while Mayan Royal Blue and Armenian Purple Ochre are perfect for rendering atmospheric skies. Combine Genuine Indian Red and Armenian Purple for colours that mimic the drama found in a prairie sunset.

Stoneground’s Prairie Earth Palette contains six half pans of our handmade watercolour paint in a hinged metal tin. Measuring approximately 2 1/2” x 2”, this compact size is ideal for travel and plein air painting.

Palette contains: Lemon Ochre (PY 43), India Red (PR 101), Armenian Purple Ochre (PR 102), Mayan Royal Blue (P N/A), Nicosia Green Earth (PG 23), Raw Umber Green Shade (PBr 7)