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C-LeslieJane Rox- The Pantry

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Falling in love and deciding to live together were fun and easy! the real work of our relationship began when we started to organize the kitchen pantry.One of us is a keeper of things, the other is a minimalist. One in an introvert, the other an extravert. On likes to take slow methodical steps, the other likes to move quickly and make 'snap' decisions AND we both like to be in charge!The Pantry is a humorous, lighthearted and practical look at some issues we encountered and how we resolved them. Our story is written as a dual narrative describing the two sides of ten short, relatable, and often funny, stories We've included some practical tips and reflective questions to help you dive deeper into co-c creating your own healthy relationship, one shelf at a time.The Pantry is great for those embarking on a committed relationship, those seeking to deepen an existing relationship and those who are reflecting on what actually happened in a previous relationship.


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