Hunter of Peace

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Mary T. S. Schäffer’s reputation as an artist, author, photographer and explorer is best illustrated by her own delightful accounts of rugged camp and trail life in the Rocky Mountains of Canada in the early 1900s. In 1980, the Whyte Museum published a compilation of Mary Schäffer’s works as A Hunter of Peace, edited by E. J. (Ted) Hart which was the catalyst for a resurgence of interest in Schäffer’s work. Now, by revisiting Schäffer’s original manuscripts contained in the Archives and Library of the Whyte Museum, the spectacular second edition of A Hunter of Peace even more fully reflects Schäffer’s work and intent.
Context and guidance for the second edition of A Hunter of Peace were found in the original Old Indian Trails and Schäffer’s photograph albums. This research resulted in the addition of Schäffer’s original foreword to the new edition as well as more images and illustrations. The beauty of Schäffer’s hand-tinted lantern slides can now be further appreciated as the publication boasts 97 images, instead of 64, and 75 per cent of them are in colour. Also revised in the second edition, the edited version of 1911 Expedition to Maligne Lake has been replaced with Schäffer’s original unedited manuscript. Additionally, the second edition includes a new foreword by the Museum’s Head Archivist, Jennifer Rutkair, who offers insights into Schäffer and the gender conventions of her era. Further enhancements include the addition of a table of contents and indices and a new layout.


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