Great Gray Owl

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Stunning exploration of the life of one of our most mysterious and striking creatures: the Great Gray Owl The Great Gray Owl - also known as the Phantom of the North, Great, Gray Ghost, and Bearded Owl - is one of the largest owl species and lives in the western mountains and boreal regions of North America.

Award-winning author and photographer Paul Bannick delves into the natural history of this owl species, including the latest research, providing readers with comprehensive yet accessible looks at their preferred habitat, hunting and feeding behavior, mating and nesting actions, owlets and fledglings, and more.

Bannick's unique and gorgeous owl images are enhanced by additional images of the owls' habitats and other species that share the Great Gray ecosystems. Throughout each narrative, his time in the field observing and photographing these enigmatic birds comes to life in evocative, experiential passages.


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