Cowboys, Ranchers and the Cattle Business

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Cowboys, Ranchers and the Cattle Business: Cross-Border Perspectives on Ranching History is an easily accessible and comprehensive summary of current studies on the Canadian ranching frontier. This collection of essays provides an excellent perspective on the latest developments in the historiography of the range, drawing from topics such as Wild West shows, artistic depictions of the cowboy, and the economic and practical aspects of early cattle ranching.

The essays anthologized here fall into three general areas: the working cowboy, the performing cowboy and the imaginary cowboy. The academics, ranchers, poets and cowboys who authored them hail from backgrounds as diverse as history, geography, political science, and literature.

Cowboys, Ranchers and the Cattle Business makes an important contribution to the study of the ranching frontier and will continue to be of value to researchers and readers of western history, plains studies, and historical geography.

With Contributions by:
Sarah Carter
Brian W. Dippie
Warren M. Elofson
Simon M. Evans
Max Foran
Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov
Henry C. Klassen
Lorain Lounsberry
Alan B. McCullough
Joy Oetelaar
Richard W. Slatta
Bill Yeo