All in the Valley

David Barnes

"All In The Valley” 

Approx 24"Hx12"Wx30"L | Reduction Fired Stoneware and Porcelain

All In The Valley

“All In The Valley” Taken from a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson “Charge of The Light Brigade”

Since the cognitive revolution we Homo Sapiens have abused and ravaged the planet earth, there is definitive evidence of us causing the extinction of many species of animal and other human species as we multiplied our way around the globe. Which has brought us to our current situation where our abuse of the planet brings us to the point of possibly causing the extinction of our own species.

Our so called leaders worldwide, spend their time arguing about issues of power and religion, the general population spend their time trying to feed themselves and manage their own existence. If we are not careful there will be nothing to argue about and no place to have an existence. We are a unique species on this planet and possible the universe with so much potential, however we will all be required to work together should we wish to exist in the future.

In this work I have tried to show the human influence on our planet and the inevitable conclusion, if we do not decide to work with our home instead of abuse it. In the end the earth will reclaims what it has given.

- David Barnes, sculptor






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