Poem #3 - Dirty Poem

Dirk van Wyk


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29 x 34 | mixed media on paper | framed

About the 'Poems' series:

I present these recent drawings as 'Poems' because I would like the viewer to 'Read' the surface as you would a poem. Lines and brush strokes as words and phrases. Rhythm and rhyme as pattern and similarities and making connections and associations as they emerge from questions and suggestions. These drawings are not about 'things' but about events and considerations. That means they are not directly representational, like a descriptive paragraph or an essay. You, the viewer need to involve yourself by reading the lines and between them and allow some connections and associations to emerge. You are asked to be active rather than passive. Bring up questions and possible answers. This takes time.

The drawings are done on gessoed paper (French/Italian) because I like the harder surface of gesso and I can draw with silverpoint. Silverpoint is an old medium for drawing. Valued because of its fine line quality, it actually embosses the paper surface in this case. And it will tarnish over years to a dark purple black. Another reason to not put glass over the paper. I use silverpoint mainly for the geometry in the drawings. it leaves such a light line that it is hardly noticeable but it is a line that can not be erased.

In general, drawings differ from paintings not so much because of the media used but by the treatment of the surface. Drawings show the complete process of making, paintings can have areas that cover earlier work . Drawings may have blank areas, paintings seldom do.

In particular, I prefer to present drawings without a protective glass front in order to appreciate the surface. That's just me.