Near Warner

Corinne Cowell


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10 x 10 | photo transfer, hand embroidery, vintage doilies, acrylic paint, 24k gold and mixed metal leaf

My current work is about inventing narratives, imagining what life might have been like on the disrupted landscape of the late 1800's to early 1900's and is based on women, and their often trivialized efforts to not only sustain but to adorn their lives on the prairies. The women who stitched and spun and struggled to care for their families in often harsh environs. 

I start by selecting antique doilies, and yes, I'm assuming a woman made them. I then add my imagery, as a kind of collaboration and continuation of their story, adding my voice to a collective of women and 'women's work'. I use small batch hand dyed silk, wool and cotton threads. The photographs are my own and are transferred to the linen doilies using an archival method.