Sean Kunz

Sean Kunz
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As a potter making functional work, Sean Kunz is challenged by both aesthetic and ergonomic considerations.  Functional pots should enhance rather than complicate our daily rituals; a robust pot that works well is more likely to be used on a regular basis rather than just sitting on the shelf.

Contemporary design objects and architecture inspire Sean’s work, along with historic pots that are grounded in utility and tradition. Sean wants his pots to have volume, to allude to their ability to contain and nourish and to have gesture without becoming too animated.  He often works in small editions, allowing him to constantly refine designs and ideas, and it is often past ideas revisited that prove to be the most successful.  Sean uses many of his pots at home to see how they fit the hand and the lip.  He wants to make sure that each spout pours smoothly and lids fit well, important details that define good domestic design and make handmade pots a pleasure to use.

Sean enjoys the rhythm of studio time and gets a great sense of satisfaction from the physical nature of the work.  His best days in the studio are clean and quiet, with a slight sense of urgency that keeps him focused.  The rhythm of making is repeated in the surface decoration of Sean’s work.  Often subtle and nonrepresentational in nature, it focuses on the variation found in glaze thickness, emphasized by stamping, resists and edges.

Sean Kunz believes that handmade objects connect us to the people that make them, and the craftsmanship is a reflection of the maker’s time and energy.  In increasingly dense urban societies where technology can serve to alienate us, a virtual environment cannot replace a thoughtful handle.

[NOTE: You will not find all of Sean's work in our online shop.  The photos below of examples of some of the work we have had in the gallery.  Please contact us for photos of current work which we can provide in real time!]