Growing up on a farm, I was always playing in mud, collecting rocks and treasures from mother nature's bounty. From an early age I was drawn to pottery and collected pieces...then I took my first class in adulthood, and was hooked and haven't stopped since! I have had the opportunity to learn from amazing masters from Canada, United States, and abroad.

I work primarily in Shino glazes, firing a gas kiln from my home studio. The history of the glaze and the patience it requires challenge my ever curious and searching mind. We are a perfect fit! I love pushing the edge for carbon trapping on my pots, and enjoy the relationship between the clay, glaze, kiln, maker and the other mystic. My hope is to create pieces that relate, but truly have a unique energy of their own.

 Intimate, one-of-a-kind pieces speak to me the most. I search for layering of information, striving to make pieces that reference and are influenced by the walls of the Alberta mountains, the breathtaking scenic skyline, the delicious fall colours. I want some tension that creates curiosity and draws me in, but ultimately I am always asking the question, "How can I keep it simple to capture the true beauty?"

While the new Ruby Red addition is an homage to my name, it is also  another perspective  of the surroundings that have influenced me...full forms, gentle undulations, rich colour, movement and pause to drink in. To hold a piece is to form a connection, and hold space for what I value. 

NOTE: You will not find Ruby's work in our online shop at this time. Please contact us for photos of current work.