Wildrose/Sunflower Ceremonial Vase

21"H x 14"W

Can be purchased individually or as a pair.

Stoneware, oxidation fired to cone 6, underglaze & metallic glaze.


A long time ago, I came across an illustration in an H.R. Giger book, which incorporated a form that I thought would make a great vessel. This was my opportunity to try it out.  
I wanted to incorporate some type of traditional decoration, hence the flowers. As my head continued to work on the idea, one vase turned into a pair and the idea that I wanted to make them like ceremonial pieces; something you may find at the entrance of an ancient temple.
Each vase is constructed of 7 thrown components, the rim and handles are hand built, and the flowers were individually modelled in situ after the initial construction.

       - David

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