Square Wall Hanging - Medium

4"L x 4"W x 1"D

Hand-built stoneware, glaze, midfire.                              


Does decorative art and functional art have the some response?  This is the question I asked myself when I decided I wanted to create a ceramic piece that would hang on the wall and be somewhat of a “ceramic painting”.  
My functional pieces are meant to be held and touched everyday, not just looked at.  I aim to produce an emotional response, and request a desire for the pieces to be touched. So I went against my fundamental body of work and created something purely decorative that would be a fusion of the ceramic and painting art form.  
Is the reaction the same?  Is the response to touch and hold the piece increased or diminished?  Do we respect the idea that art, i.e. paintings, on the wall are “not to be touched” or is the fact that knowledge of the artist is a creator of ceramic functional work change the understanding?
       - Louise

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