Midnight Star Vase

5.5"H x 3.5"W

Wheel-thrown porcelain, hand-painted with underglazes in a Moorish-Arabesque pattern.


My decorative pattern ideas are inspired from a variety of ethnicities and origins, regularly found on textiles or on historical tile mosaics. I find that every culture has a unique collection of patterns that have been refined through time, and that are visually pleasing to the human eye.  I consider regularly repeated geometric patterns intriguing, and form a kind of visual calculus based on unspoken fundamental tenets. 

The Bluerock Gallery Ceramic Exhibition provided an opportunity for me to explore the making of larger pieces, exhibiting more intricate patterns than I could normally display on my usual works (cups and small plates).  Vessel form, size, and pushing myself to use underglaze colour palettes that I wouldn't have normally considered previously, were both sources of inspiration for these particular ceramic works.

       - Tanya

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