Date Night Lass with White Collar and Red Boots

Don't they make a cute couple?  Sold individually at $195, or $390 for the pair.

Female 24H x 30W x 9D  (Male 28"H x 30"W x 9"D)

Hand-built, hand-carved earthenware clay, underglaze, glaze and metallic glaze.


As an artist, as much as my mission is to create pleasing images that make people happy, it is also important to me to somehow convey the importance of respecting and preserving nature and its inhabitants.  By introducing humour and whimsy into my pieces, I hope that I manage to generate a connection that encourages people to delight in the natural world around them.

On this fine evening the male pheasant is dressed to impress. His colourful attire is designed to command attention and add contrast to his distinctive pressed white collar.  The female pheasant on the other hand, chooses a more subdued look to gracefully blend into her natural environment.

       - Annette

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