4"H x 3.25"W

From the Luminaries 'White on White Series' (WoW); right of centre in group photo.
Wheel-thrown and etched porcelain.


Usually I work with a deep red, low fire clay.  For this show, the challenge for me, was to work in opposites.  I chose to work with a mid range, very white, porcelain called Polar Ice.  This clay can be thrown so thin that it becomes translucent.  To create interest and design I used a water etching technique to subtract more clay from the walls, thus varying the translucency of the pieces, and creating a warm glow, when a tea light is inserted into the piece.  Water etching, is a process by which a resist (shellac, acrylic medium, or wax) is applied to a bone dry piece.  Once the resist has thoroughly dried, the wall  is taken away (a subtractive technique) with a sponge and water.  This is a very slow and careful process, as the pot is in its most fragile and vulnerable state.  The etching process exposes the dry clay to water for a long time. At this point in time one has to be very careful not to destroy the integrity of the wall.

       - Darlene

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