Linda Freedman Katz

Linda Freedman Katz
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“To create a thing of beauty.”

During my professional career as clothing designer in both Canada & USA, this was my mission.  Many years later, now as a jewelry artist, my goal remains the same.

I continue to aspire to create beautiful jewelry but now I also want to produce work that is meaningful to others, and that has the ability to enhance their lives. Flattering the person who wears my jewelry is very important to me. Making the person feel special is a personal reward for me.

As an artist, I constantly seek new ideas, techniques, and experiences to inspire my work, and to enable me to grow in my own unique direction. Travel is always stimulating for me. The company and work of other artists is uplifting. My appreciation for music is huge and jazz is usually playing in the background as I work in my studio.

I love texturing metals, especially with irregular and organic surfaces. I create unique texture plates with impressions of seashells, rocks, or stamps, those that are interesting to me.  I like to use a variety of techniques, without limitation, to achieve the look I want. My pieces are fired with my torch as well as in my kiln and metal smith techniques used. I like to hammer my sterling silver chains throughout my collections because I love the way they shimmer rather than shine.

By design, I create asymmetrical necklaces with misshapen contour, those that are pleasing to my eye and emulate the magic of nature. My work is most often done in mixed metals of Argentium ( non tarnish) sterling silver and bronze because I love the dramatic effect of color and its ability to capture attention. Similarly my jewelry is generally large and chunky, intending to make a statement and be noticed.

Producing one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry is important to me and reflects an expression of who I am. I rarely work with an established plan in mind. Things usually just evolve. The creation of one interesting component can fuel the fire for the development of an entire jewelry piece or collection. Building upon a theme and playing for hours by adding to it, are often scenarios that happen to compile jewelry that sings to me.

My jewelry collections are intended to be fun, eclectic, and versatile, to be worn every day to dress up a casual outfit or for special occasion as a statement piece.

My wish is that they are enjoyed and outlast the passage of time.




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