Artist Bio

Ever noticed letting go of the unnecessary is hard to do? Hans Hofman said, “To simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”. That’s what I work toward when I paint: simplicity; a glimpse of peace.

Born in the Alberta foothills, I’ve lived in Montreal, Chicago, Canmore and Victoria BC. Gratefully, I now live in the foothills again – my soul place.

I worked at The Banff Centre for three years in the Visual Arts Department. I received a commission from Viscount Devonport, Northumbria UK. I then worked for six years as Art Curator for philanthropist W. Brett Wilson of FirstEnergy Capital Corp. I’ve taught university, in communities and 1:1.

Nature is my inspiration, joy and solace. I want to share this as simply – as powerfully – as I can.

It’s important to me to eliminate the illusion of perfectly defined space by making the edges of my paintings irregular and imperfect. In nature, there is no straight-edged frame around our field of vision. There is just perfect imperfection. These edges are a bow to Rothko, but are also my own symbol of interconnectedness. (At heart, it may also be my way of saying, “Don’t fence me in!”)

So that the necessary may speak, I wrestle my intellect out of the way and encourage my hands to work intuitively. While there is a place for formal art training, it’s not the only way art gets made. I believe everyone is creative. The hardest part is just to access our true nature.

Bachelor of Fine Arts
University of Calgary

Full scholarship:
Master of Fine Arts
University of Victoria

Design Synectics, Nicholas Roukes
Houghton Mifflin, NY

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