Jane Perry

Jane Perry
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Born in Toronto, Jane Perry went west as a teenager and has considered herself a western Canadian since.  She studied forestry at the University of Alberta, and as a summer exchange student in Finland she learned to weave on a pirta backstrap loom.  Back in Edmonton, she took an after-hours weaving course during her final year of studies; once working after graduation, she bought a floor loom with one of her first pay cheques.  She worked as a professional forester for over thirty years while enjoying weaving as a hobby, and now Cariboo Handwoven is the result of advancing her hobby to a business.

 Jane weaves to discover how fibres intersect in new ways. Every toss of the shuttle and every draw of the beater to bring the next thread into the cloth are small steps in the growth of a new fabric.  Her classic wool blankets are woven in heathery tones of Shetland wool, some earthy and natural, or sometimes with touches of funky and energetic colour.  Her blankets are enjoyed all over the world and known to last for decades.


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