Erin Boake

Erin Boake
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Erin Boake lives in the town where she grew up - in the small prairie city of Red Deer, Alberta.  Pursuing art as a career was a natural progression from a childhood filled with various artistic explorations.  Erin attended the Red Deer College Fine Art program and completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at Alberta College of Art & Design in 2003.  She has since spent her time seeking creative stimulation through painting, traveling and teaching.

Having lived in nine different communities from coast to coast, Erin has gained a great appreciation for the vast diversity and detail of the Canadian cultural landscape.  Erin has had the pleasure of experiencing life in great metropolises such as Vancouver and Montreal; rural farmlands and shorelines of Alberta and Nova Scotia; to the immense, frozen tundra of the Yukon and Nunavut.  These experiences have been the backbone of creative and self exploration in Erin’s life and career as an artist.

Erin’s work has been an evolution of local flora, fauna and the human figure, in varying degrees of life, death, mutation and contortion.  The reccurring theme of space and how we occupy and change the circumstance of space is a central, underlying premise in much of her work.

Erin has exhibited work and painted murals extensively through central Alberta, as well as in BC and the North.  In 2007, Erin had the opportunity the exhibit her work in the Agora Gallery in New York City.  

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