Anne Fetterly

Anne Fetterly
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Anne Fetterly’s fibre art practice explores materials and processes associated with natural dyes, silk, cotton and repurposed materials.  Using natural dyes within her art is an important component to her work and contributes to Anne’s sense of responsibility as a human being and artist.  Dyes from plant materials offer subtle and rich colour options that are not available from synthetic dyestuffs.  As part of her process, Anne will dye meters of cloth in one colour, over-dye it with another and then create additional pattern with one or more of the following textile processes: rusting, leaf printing, block printing, paper layering, embroidery, and Japanese wax stencil dyeing.  After the surface design is finished, the cloth is transformed into a garment, a sculpture, or left as a piece of art.

Applying the art of natural dyeing within her work connects Anne to the environment, to the tradition of craft, and to the history of our ancestors.  Her use of re-used materials such as recycled paper, cloth, thread and found objects create mixed media artworks with a personal, narrative quality.  These materials add beauty and meaning to her work.

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