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If you are into pottery, chances are you know of Evonne Smulders work.  Evonne produces unique collections of handmade pottery with a style that is a unique product of a long evolving process 

 In other words, it is safe to dwell in the beautiful uniqueness of her pieces...

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If the devil is in the detail, then recent Art Church featured artist Justina Smith has her work cut out for her. 

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It is unlikely one would expect to find this gem of an art gallery in the tiny town of Black Diamond, Alberta.

People often travel through Black Diamond as a gateway into the Kananaskis and south Rocky Mountain region, not quite...

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Today, I couldn’t be more excited to launch the new Bluerock Gallery website and online store. For the last couple of months, we have been working to pull all of this together and hope that you will find it easier to find information.



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I love hearing the excited chatter of friends who have travelled together - sometimes from Calgary (a relatively short drive) and sometimes for many days - as the burst through the doors of the gallery!  It’s been a year, sometimes longer, since they were here last, and they can’t wait...

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