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If you look around you and identify just how many items in your immediate proximity involve some sort of fibre art, you will notice that there are many.

We might not actively notice it all of the time, because fibres are so interwoven...

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Good pottery is an argument between form and function.  When done well, there is an intricate balance in the way it flows not only in its purpose, but also in its aesthetic. 

When the two harmonize, you get something along the lines of...

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 ‘Bossy’ - that was the word Jana Milne used to describe her paintings when confronted regarding the beautiful vibrancy that is so unique to her rather vast and diverse collection of work.   

The word is suiting because the contrast within her pieces...

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There is a touching way Irene Rasetti adds natural elements to natural textiles.  In her humble disposition it is not readily apparent that she comes from a background of working with Gianfranco Ferre or Gianni Versace.  

Instead, you might notice her love for her work - the delicate...

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Blanca Botero-Fuentes is a name you are unlikely to forget if you have experienced her art.  With an indescribably wide range of capabilities, styles, and feelings, Blanca's art arguably represents a true sense of understanding for those who consume it.  

While she claims to...

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The word art can conger up a plethora of different ideas. From painting to sculpture, art exists in a variety of different mediums, all of which support the idea of delivering a model of creativity.

Jewelry, when done in the correct fashion,...

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If ten thousand hours of dedicated practice makes you a master at your craft, Jim Osenton is a master a few times over. 

To see someone wield the powers of a wood lathe the way Jim does is truly...

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Simon Wroot

If you have seen the Mona Lisa up close, you know that it is a tiny painting.  Many people are surprised by this fact, as its reputation builds it up to be rather ‘larger than life’.  Art...

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When it comes to seeing the passion of an artist through their work, Louise Brud is a young woman that makes an exceptional example. 

A ceramicist by training, Louise graduated ACAD in 2005, but worked 10 years in...

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If you are into pottery, chances are you know of Evonne Smulders work.  Evonne produces unique collections of handmade pottery with a style that is a unique product of a long evolving process 

 In other words, it is safe to dwell in the beautiful uniqueness of her pieces...

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